Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hadassah In

Today the weather moderated a little, perfect timing for getting the stalls cleaned, the barn swept, the cobwebs removed, the feed stall straightened and tack organized. Of course by the time that was done I was dripping wet. Emily was busy mowing and spraying weeds. She helped move in 2 bales, one in the cabin field and one in Killian's paddock. Evan will need one soon. Hadassah showed today and was covered by Evan.
We took a late lunch break and drove in to TSC picking up a 50 pound salt block and a couple bags of grain and unloaded the grain right into the metal garbage cans. The feed stall has been home to a mouse family, I think we may need to take Emily up on a cat or 2, it is that or bring out the poison and I hate dealing with poison. Just reinforces that all feed must be stored in mice proof containers. The salt block was taken over to the cabin field. I really wanted to buy a few of them but TSC only had 1 out. Evan's paddock also needs a new block.
Just before supper Lola and her colt were brought over for a bath then stalled. The colt's owner flew in this evening from Colorado to visit him. She will be staying in the cabin with her husband. Diane spent the morning cleaning the cabin and she even got all the smear marks off the windows from the horses looking in.  Wouldn't you know the colt is having a skin reaction to a weed. Actually we found out it is from  him rubbing on a pine tree. The sap can cause what looks like poison ivy on a horse. It is raised, bumpy and weepy.  He was good for his bath but tomorrow will need to be scrubbed down with an iodine shampoo.
Mark drove to church tonight and we arrived early. Tonight was great, the ICC/Bradley young group joined us. We are always thrilled when they come and fill all the front benches. Tim Roecker had the service.

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