Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh Poop

Anna dropped off Braelyn and Taegan this morning so they could help grandma get pictures of the foals. The girls were each given a whip and told to move it around in the outdoor. Oh my did they have fun.
Jewel and Treasure were first, this filly by Evan is almost a month old and such a beautiful well balanced filly. Her conformation, disposition and movement cannot be faulted.

All went well with the picture taking then they were let out to graze while Lola and her colt by Valiant were brought into the arena. This boy is fabulous! He is tall, upright and has such presence and beauty everyone just stares at him in amazement.

 He is as friendly as he is beautiful and that's saying something! Just as we were finishing up Lola left a big pile of manure on the sand.
Taegan went right over to check that out.

The rest of the day I heard over and over, "oh poop!" After they were picked up I drove to Honegger Law office to reconcile the check book and pay the HM credit card. Not fun but necessary. Poor Diane, for some reason she thinks this must be done each and every month. I left from there to head down to the state fair in Springfield, IL to pick up Emily. As soon as we got home from there Sissy and her filly Ravyn's Heart needed to have their white legs scrubbed clean, Eliza's filly needed to be brought over and treated for the cut on her forehead and Lola needed to be covered by Valiant. We had just finished for the evening when Sissy and Heart's owners arrived from Oklahoma. They had a 10 hour drive to get here and were exhausted. They were shown the horses then given a car to drive in to town for some dinner. They are staying in the cabin tonight.

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