Friday, August 29, 2014

Trip Tours

Hadassah was covered this morning before the walk. We got just over an inch of rain last night and the paddocks are sloppy with mud. I was pleased not only was she easy to catch, I didn't have to get muddy bringing her out. After the walk Stacy and Ken, our Colorado company, were picked up for the Norris/GooseRanch tour. Mom decided to come with us and brought Miss Molly along for the ride. Our first stop was Norris were we took them across the lake to see the floating volcano man cave.

It is shocking how big the fish are in this lake in the sky. Stacy and Ken fed the fish first inside then outside on the deck. We left there taking the short cut arriving 15 minutes later at the Giant Goose Ranch. Beth arrived with the gator and gave us the grand tour of the property and a few of the cabins.
We ran into Nate installing a fish feeder on one of the new cabin docks and Stacy just had to go shake his hand. Both she and her husband Ken were amazed at the vision of these Herman boys.
After the grand tour they were given a choice, we could head back to the farm to take a riding lesson from Rhoda on Jenis OR head back to Norris and fish a bit. I cant believe they chose fishing over riding Jenis!! But Stacy rationalized it by Ken watched her yesterday ride Jenis so she should let him have some fun too. Well it wasn't just Ken that had a blast. Stacy threw the first line in and within 1 second was pulling up a decent sized bass.
We left mom and Molly at that dock and headed over to the floating man cave to try for some big ones.
Stacy again pulled in the first fish and this one was a fighter, she fought this fish for 10 or 15 minutes before it tired out enough for Ken to pull it out of the water.

That fish was about as round as it was long and seemed to be all muscle. Then it was Ken's turn. He got one huge one on deep, so deep we never did see what kind of fish it was, the line broke before Ken even got it up to the surface. He was able to land this huge striper fighting it for around 10 minutes. This one was jumping out of the water during the fight.

This fish was even bigger than the bass Stacy caught, it too was almost as fat and round as long. All the fish were released back but Stacy made the comment that fish would have fed 10 people! All good things must come to an end so poles were put away and off we drove for home making a stop at BEES for a late lunch. When we arrived back mom showed them the LakeLife television show of how the volcano man cave was built then they packed up their bags and left for St. Louis as they fly out tomorrow morning for home. 
Mark came home an hour early and went out to mow the second pasture but a storm rolled in right after he started and quickly dumped another quarter inch of rain causing Mark to come in dripping wet. Ralph and Jamie arrived for a short visit and when they left for home another storm is building with the rumble of thunder coming closer. 

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