Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Turn Out

Prissy was in a standing heat today and covered by Valiant early this morning. Only Rachel and the dogs went on the walk today. Mom and Diane went with the TAG group to Eureka while I went in to work early to print out labels for Bibles. Rhoda and Emily joined Eva Jean and me in getting the studies and 216 Bibles out today.
After work it was so nice and sunny that Zalena and Holly along with their foals were put out in the field together. This is the first time Zalena has been with another mare since her colt was born so we wanted to make sure there was plenty of room to move away in case of a squabble but all went well. Most of the time the mares with foals are so worried about their own foals they will not be aggressive towards the other mares and foals and this was the case today. The 2 foals were very curious about each other and would get closer and closer to each other then run back to their moms.
Tomorrow Holly will need to be teased, hopefully she will be out. We had a good practice at choir tonight starting a half hour earlier then setting up the tables and chairs for the benefit dinner on Saturday. 

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