Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Go South, WAY South

 Eva Jean and I didn't have Diane's help and were only able to finish the studies today, we didn't even start on the letters.
After lunch the sun was out and it felt warm in the car but outside was only 48 degrees. The wind kept blowing hard most of the day so even though it was sunny it was just too cold to sit outside and soak up the sunshine.
The only way to get a sun tan right now is fake bake or go south, WAY south. The family down in Gulf Shores are so busy having fun no one is sending along pictures. Rachel finally posted this picture on Facebook of the football players after the game.
I'm sure they are playing lots of volley ball too but no one is talking. Hmmm I think they just don't want us stuck here in the North to feel jealous. Too late for that!
Rain is suppose to start here tomorrow morning and continue for the next 3 days. Projected totals of rainfall is between 1-3 inches.

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