Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday Celebration

What is it with turning 59? The phone started ringing at 2:50 am with birthday greetings and that continued most of the day. I really didn't even want to celebrate a birthday.  Believe me when  person reaches the 50s and then gets on the upper edge of the 50s we would prefer people to forget.
It turned cold today, so cold that Rachel sent through a text that she wasn't walking now that summer is over. After the walk Diane left to get the mail for Berean and to put a few hours in opening mail and working on letters. Lilypony's owner arrived shortly before 10:00 am, Lilypony loaded right up and off she went for her new home. As soon as she was gone I went in to help Diane. Even mom came down to help today. We had one distressing thing happen. One of the prisons we sent Bibles to in California rejected the Bibles sending them back with the notice no address labels allowed. That meant we paid postage both ways to get the Bible back almost $8.00 each. Both Diane and I tried to call the prison to talk to the Chaplain's office but I never could get through and Diane finally just got an answering machine and left a message. Hope they call us back.
As we were getting ready to pack up and leave Karin called to report it was snowing hard in Galesburg, IL. It was just raining here but by the time we got to the farm the snow was coming down thick and hard. the picture was taken off the front porch today.
All of my children and grand children came tonight for a birthday dinner and brought the entire meal. The cousins really enjoy playing together.

After looking through the picture taken tonight I'm missing Taegan. Every picture she was in was either blurry or she had her back to the camera. That little girl is active!
We are on foal watch tonight, Zalena is testing around 350, praying for an uneventful birth and a healthy foal.

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