Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's A Girl!

Emily had the mares out early this morning then helped me with Hadassah. Hadassah wouldn't show at all for Evan yet Emily thought she was still in and sure enough, Hadassah showed right away for Killian so Killian was the stallion used. After the walk Emily, Diane and I drove in to Meisters and started a very busy work day. At 9:00 am my phone started ringing. Rhoda was walking up to the apartment and saw Holly delivering her foal by Valiant. She was in the process of delivering a big bay filly. Emily left Meisters to go help Rhoda bring Holly and the filly into the stall then Rhoda stayed with her until the filly was nursing well.
She is a really big boned beautiful strong bay filly. Holly is being a great mom. Holly will be bred back to Valiant and placed for sale as a 3/1 package for $3000.00. This filly is a typical Valiant baby very friendly and sweet.
We were swamped at Berean so Diane called for more help and got Jenny with her 2 children down to help. At one point we had 7 of us working on the studies and letters. Our nice new big office didn't seem so big any more.
After lunch Emily worked the 2 yearlings. She is leading them into the barn for grooming in the picture below.
Both fillies did well, Rhiannon seems to be a bit smarter than Promise at least she caught on quicker to what Emily was asking today. They both got a tying lesson too. Before heading in to make dinner we just had time to get a few pictures of Emma for the website.
Emma has been bred to Evan but not yet far enough along to have an ultrasound done. Once she is confirmed in foal she will be for sale for $12,000.00.
A very nice phone call came in from Rachel the lady that bought Ribbon's 2013 filly Pandora. She is so thrilled with Pandora and if Ribbon hadn't lost her foal during the winter she would have wanted to buy it. She has never had such a sweet loving yearling.
Diane drove to choir tonight with a full van. We had a good practice.
We had a nice email come in from Dee, the lady that bought Jenis' 2012 filly by Raven. She writes:
Olympia is doing awesome. She is huge. 15.3 currently and still growing. She does great with driving using long lines. She has the round pen reasoning down pat. I lunge her sometimes with another horse and as soon as you stop she stops...the other horse hasn't gotten it figured out as well as her yet but he is getting there. I couldn't be happier with her. She is as sweet as pie. Loves to learn. Every time I work with her she amazes me. Something I'm sure she inherited from her mom.  I can't wait to see how continues to mature. I am one very happy customer of horsemeister. Have a great night.

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