Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dan's Dog

Braelyn and Taegan came to play with grandma this cold wet miserable day and most of the day was spent inside. Finally in the afternoon the temperatures got out of the 40's and broke into the 50's. So the girls were bundled up and off we went for a golf cart ride. It's not fun to have to pull out the winter coats the last day of April.
We drove all over using the drives, trails, fields and paths. Dan arrived when we were at the far end of the property. He left the keys in the ignition, stepped out, let Diesel, his dog out, shut the doors to the van and the next thing he heard his van honk then all the doors locked. How does that happen. The only set of keys were still in the ignition, no one was in the van and yet the doors locked. Dan doesn't let weird things bother him, he borrowed a fishing pole from the back garage, a hanger from a closet, tape from me and he was set to break into the van. One side window was cracked open a bit so he was able to thread the fishing pole through that snag the keys and pull them out the window. Meanwhile Diesel was fascinated with the horses and the hay the horses were eating.
Above he takes a bite of hay and below he sticks his bum in the air to spit the hay out.
  Check out Killian and Indy below having a good laugh at this funny dog!
Lily and Emma are still in season. We also started teasing Sheena and Sangria but both of those mares are not interested. Zalena and her colt were brought inside for the night, Holly and her filly were left outside. The weather is not suppose to improve tonight with cold and rain showers off and on.

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