Monday, April 28, 2014

Bonnie Home

Lily and Emma were both covered this morning before the walk. Phil dropped off the girls just as we were finishing the second round. Diane and Rachel helped move the mares and foals out of the barn and into the paddock. Braelyn and Taegan kept me busy today. They work so hard at play. Braelyn likes to climb, first the gravel pile then the log pile.
 Taegan likes to lay bricks. Why play with those wimpy wooden blocks when bricks are available.

After that we headed over to the playground with the golf cart and spent a couple hours jumping on the tramp, playing in the sand, swinging on the swings and going down the slide.
After lunch the rain came rolling in so the afternoon was spent playing inside. When Emily arrived home from school she and Rhoda started hauling  mares back out to Middle Grove. The first batch was Jewel, Lola, Star and her filly. They made it home in time to take a second batch out. Anna, Ayanna, Oksana and Paris.
Jewel, Lola, Star, Anna and Ayanna are all pregnant so may as well go out there for a couple of months. Oksana had her wolf teeth pulled, was de-wormed with Quest Plus and will be sent out to be on grass for the summer. She is 21 months old and is going to be a big hairy girl when grown up.
 Paris may or may not be going out there for a permanent vacation. The medicine she has been on is now finished and we think she is looking a little better. The abundant lush green grass at Middle Grove is the best thing for her. She still looks terrible but acts fine so just maybe it is just an abscess on her liver instead of cancer. We will probably know within a month of Middle Grove helps or not.
Karin sent the summer schedule:
May 17, sat, 3-5 pm 4H Vaulting Clinic, Horsemeister
June 7th sat, 1-4 pm, Jr. high girls camp, Norris
June 21st sat 1-4 pm  Sr. high girls camp, Norris
July 19th, sat 10 am - 2 pm , Horsemeister vaulting camp
Aug 9th, sat 9-11 am, Pony Club Vaulting Clinic, Horsemeister
Aug 16th sat 4-7pm, Vaulting show for Polo Match in Peoria
(Also there are 2 donated trailrides that haven't scheduled with me yet, (Lighthouse and Peoria Christian)
The summer is filling up fast. Somehow summer is never long enough in Illinois! The picture below was taken during a break in the clouds. Holly and her filly were almost glowing in the sunshine. The filly will be 3 weeks old tomorrow.
 She and Zalena's colt were having a lot of fun playing today. The colt would leave Zalena, run around the filly then gallop back to his mom.
The filly would then gallop back to Holly, circle around and head straight back to the colt. 
Bonnie was brought home today. Bonnie has been leased out to Becca Watson for the past year so Becca could give her lots of riding time. Becca's parents have now bought her a horse so Bonnie is now back with us and for sale. This pony has been in parades, shows, clinics and lessons with Becca. She is an 8 year old Welsh Hackney cross. She is about 12.2 hands and would be a great pony for an advanced beginner. Bonnie also drives and is trick trained to climb on a pedestal, bow and lay down on command. She is current with her shots and coggins. She is for sale $2000.00.
This next picture is one that will take careful study. Look closely just to the right of the root that is sticking straight down. Mark saw a fox run into the opening, not sure if the fox is going to have her pups there or move on but she was looking out as I snapped the picture from across the pond.

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