Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Someone finally sent an update from Gulf Shores. Emily writes:
Hey I'm having tons of fun. Went fishing yesterday on the pier with Karin and Fedi. I caught a sheephead and a Spanish mackerel both pretty big. I think Karin put a picture of it on facebook. I'm pretty sunburned even though I'm using 30 sunscreen more than once a day. We got a kayak yesterday so we will probably go kayaking today. Hope everything is going ok on the farm. Emily
 Thanks Emily,  I'm still waiting for more news but at least one person in this group of 35 people thought of us still stuck here in Illinois.
Mark and I got out early to move a round bale in for Valiant and Anna. They weren't quite out of hay but with the rain on the way it was the best time to do this job. Today Jenis needs to be teased. Zalena and Holly's udders were checked, actually I'm checking them everyday and both udders, instead of getting bigger have gone down a bit from last week. Holly is due April 17th and Zalena is due April 30th. They both look like they have some time.
Kim sent an update on her filly born yesterday by Valiant out of her FHANA registered gorgeous Friesian mare:
The filly is so darn sweet, her name is Aprils Magic Moment.

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