Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trip to the Barn

Lily and Rosalie have been locked in a stall since yesterday afternoon. They were very glad to see me this evening and Lily wanted out. I believe she is starting to come into her foal heat. She just seemed anxious and not content inside. Ella pony is starting to bag up. She isn't due until March 27th but ponies usually do go early. She will need to be checked tomorrow. She is certainly looking round.

 Mark took me in to work late morning, picking up the Berean mail at TEMCO before heading to Meisters. Bills were paid, and letters worked on while waiting for Byerline garage to call on the car. By 4:00pm the car was finally finished and now has a brand new starter. Before heading home I took a quick trip to Aldi for groceries and Family Dollar for 3 bottles of shampoo and 4 bottles of condition. Hope that is enough to bathe 7 big horses. The roads were awful coming home. Thankfully we got the word choir was called off before the food was purchased. We were suppose to serve tonight. Mom invited us over for a hot meal but both Mark and I declined, it was just too long of a day and I had dinner already prepared. 

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