Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Marika to the Fair

Karin called after the vaulting practice to report the vaulters are now doing everything in the trot. She is so proud of them. Another she is most impressed with is Marika. Karin feels she is doing so well she is ready for the IL Horse Fair. Not to brag or anything but our horse trainers must be the best in the world if they can take an untrained horse and have it ready to show in a month with the weather we have had. Marika is pictured below one day after she arrived at the Horsemeister farm.
If Marika goes we have to figure out how to get her there, and of course we must have a red headed rider. The person in charge of stalls for the breed demo was called to see if there were any available stalls. He gave us the go ahead. The red headed rider part was a piece of cake, it just so happens my best friend has red hair! Isn't that amazing. Right about now readers are wondering, "whats with red hair?" Well our other three Friesian riders are Rhoda, Mykala and Emily who all just happen to be redheads. So Amy was called to ask if she was interested. Once she said yes, I bid on another red cape on ebay. Today after work the drivers license facility must be visited to renew the truck license plate and Kroger to pay for the chicken ordered for family outreach meal and Sam's for that meal's sides. Karin sent this to me today:
We are getting anxious to start our foaling season. Lily is bagging up and will be tested today. Below is Lily foaling Helen. This was just 17 days after having my hip replaced, Mark had to step in to help. How thankful I was to have a husband willing even though it was WAY off the charts of his comfort zone. At 55 seconds into the video you can see her one leg and nose, the other leg was not up where it needed to be and had to be brought up into alignment to help Lily birth Helen.

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