Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thankful for Stalls

Helen and Olympia are staying inside so Helen's leg can be treated. This morning waking to the sound of rain I was thankful they were in but not thankful for the walk to the barn. When we were living in the apartment it was just a few short steps from the bedroom into the stall area. Well no more, now it is a hike from the house to the barn. How spoiled I was and how spoiled I am to want that back. Here we are living in a perfectly nice farm house and I complain because of a walk in the rain. No more complaining allowed. Just thinking of everything to give thanks for is most humbling starting with the ability to walk, sing, work, then moving on to things such as houses, garages, apartments, barns, dry stalls and that's not even touching the living both animals and people and most of all the provision my Creator made when He, the God of all, became flesh, died for me, rose again, and LIVES! Wow, how can I not rejoice. Mom leaves this morning for the cruise with Leona Ivy, Glenna Pfledderer and Carol Scholl. They will enjoy sunshine and singing, someday Mark and I will spring for a Christian cruise, talk about a slice of heaven on earth. Yesterday afternoon was just about as productive as yesterday morning. Karin arrived to work with the mares. She has now started Ayanna, Indy and Marika on the pedestal.

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