Thursday, February 14, 2013

Helen's Family

It looks like Helen will be traveling to Colorado. Her new family pictured above are going to drive out to pick her up at a later date. Cortney writes: Dear Judy, I found your website while looking at your add on I began looking over your website and all your beautiful Friesians. It has been a dream of mine since I was a child to own one of Gods most majestic horses! All horses are majestic in their own way, but I have always loved the fairy tale demeanor of the Friesian. I think they are the epitome of beauty! I came across Helen and she has stolen my heart! What a beautiful, sweethearted mare. She has such a strong, kind look about her. I kept thinking of the name Faith. " Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1 I have worked with other disabled horses in the past. One that was completely blind in both eyes and one that was blind(missing entirely) his left eye. I was so amazed and inspired by those horses and their ability to thrive, despite their disability. They both excelled at being trail horses and each had such a huge amount of trust in me. I was thinking how awesome it would be to work with Helen and use her has an encouragement to children and adults with disabilities. I think her strengths and beauty would speak volumes! And bless everyone that meets her. We live in the high mountains outside of Kremmling, Colorado. Our house is at about 8500ft. My husband, our 3 kids, our dog Kali, and 3 rescued horses live on our small ranch. I stay at home and home school our children, 5,3, and 1. We are Christ followers (we attend a Bible Chapel with about 50 other local ranching families). We are just trying to be His hands and feet to those around us. I have just read some of your blog and feel like we have a lot in common. I am the 3rd oldest of 8 kids. I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. We were all home-schooled and raised on the word of God. I have always been the biggest horse lover in my family. I grew up in upstate NY and began working with horses at the age of 13. I used to clean stalls for a herd of 80 horses in exchange for riding lessons. I took English and Western lessons there until I was 18 and was practically running the barn. I moved out west after two years of Bible college to work on a dude ranch. I met my husband while working there and we decided to stay here. We have lived here the past 6 years. A brief view of my life story! :) Our horse Canyon, is a mustang/quarter horse who was badly mistreated. He has come so far! From being head-shy and nervous anytime we were around, to being the first to greet me at the gate in the morning and an excellent trail horse. I practice natural horsemanship( Tom Dorrance/ Buck Branaman) and think being consistent and showing lots of love can go a long way! Our other two horses are miniatures. They are the love of my 3 kids lives now. Getting loads of carrots and good grooming sessions! I have Google mapped it and you are about 15 hours and over 1,000 miles away. We have good friends who live nearby in Congerville, IL. He is a reining cow horse trainer. He and his wife moved there from here, over a year and a half ago. I could guarantee you Helen would have the best home and care available. With lots of gentle training and loads of love. I do appreciate your time!! Blessings!! Cortney Schaefer How could I not sell her to such a sweet family!

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