Monday, February 11, 2013

Cruise News

Mom called before 6:30am forgetting Florida is an hour later, to ask, "what boat did Mike and Diane go out on?" Apparently there is a Carnival cruise ship drifting at sea. Thankfully it is not their boat. Mom, Glenna, Leona and Carol were suppose to leave their hotel by 10:30 to board when they were notified not to leave. There was a drug bust on the boat as it docked in Jacksonville which put everything back hours. Once they were finally allowed to board and settled mom reported they had very nice lunch. They are now on their way to cruise the warm sunny Carribbean. The wind was bad this morning so bad it may have burned up the windmill motor. All morning and most of the afternoon the cold wind pounded the house and barns. The temperature is above freezing but staying in the 30s. The outside chores were done in a hurry to get back into the warmth. At least the temperature is suppose to start rising and stay in the 40s for the next 3 days.

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