Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trail Ride

We woke up to a fresh layer of snow on the ground and 27 degrees. Mark helped move 2 new bales in the middle paddock, one in Lily's paddock and the small round bale into the weanling paddock all before breakfast. Rhoda & Karin arrived early, while in visiting Diane came over followed by Mike a few minutes later. This was a great time to discuss the training of Ayanna and Indy. Steven arrived during our meeting, got the boys out and called to report while riding Valiant, he asked Even to bow, lay down and sit with 100% success. Olympia's owner arrived as Steven was putting the boys away so he jumped in to help halter Olympia for Dee. Karin and Rhoda came out and helped clean the stalls then went into the indoor to start training while waiting for Mike to arrive with his 4 wheel drive truck for the trip to Sandridge State Forrest. Today they took Eliza for Karin, Jenis for Mike and Rhoda got the privilege of riding Ayanna for her very first trail ride EVER. They pulled away just as our next visitor arrived. Amy Klein and her husband Russel arrived to meet the dogs. Amy is considering a Mastiff in her future and wanted to meet the dogs and learn everything she could about them.
It might be my imagination but I believe she fell in love with Darcy and Emma spending a couple of hours getting to know them. The falling in love part was vice versa, the dogs loved all of Amy's attention. It wasn't long after Amy and Russel left that the trail riders arrived home from their very successful trip to Sandridge. Ayanna did great most of the trip, she started getting tired and threw in one buck when asked to canter toward the end of the ride but nothing Rhoda couldn't handle.

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