Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trick Training

Today was hard, a cold rain, a stuffy nose, rattly cough and no energy. The camera was pulled out when Rhoda arrived but since I wasn't feeling well, I hit the wrong button and the pictures turned out not so good but they were posted below.. Rhoda brought in Eliza and just about then Steven arrived and brought in the boys and what happened next was amazing in my opinion. The boys were asked to pony Eliza without reacting. Below Steven is on Valiant leading Eliza. Valiant had to quietly accept her right next to him, then Steven asked Eliza to mount the pedestal.
Rhoda brought Evan over to mount, he loves doing tricks and was all ready to jump up in the picture below.
A successful mount up:
Steven asked Valiant to pop on next:
Next as long as Eliza was standing so still, Evan was brought over and asked to bow.
They finished up with both boys bowing under saddle.
Helen nicked her lower left hind and it has become infected. She was brought in the stall and the leg soaked in Epsom salts which mom picked up for me as she was already in town. Olympia was also brought in to dry off before her owner came. The rest of the afternoon I was huddled by the fire trying to dry off and warm up. Karin arrived then called when she was finished to report how wonderful the horses were doing. Olympia's owner arrived and Karin gave her a lesson in round pen reasoning and then a lesson on Zalena.

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