Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Today we are really having a blizzard, not some hyped up event where we only get a few inches. The picture below was taken just a few minutes ago and already (if I could open the door for another picture) the landscape has changed to white.

Mark's van is not good on slippery roads, he is stuck here for the duration. My car is great with the wonderful snow tires Mark installed but that is in Peoria getting the starter replaced. The truck's 4 wheel drive is broken but...we still have the skid steer. Not that we can drive that in to Peoria to get the car. Last night Karin and I worked on the vaulting and demo script for the IL Horse Fair. We are to leave for the fair Thursday morning, sure hope Mark can get us dug out and hooked up by then. 
The weanlings got a new bale this morning as the snow turned to sleet then a rain snow mix. There are now 59 bales left in the barn.

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