Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day

Above  is Evan looking all majestic in the new fallen snow.

Mark was out at first light clearing the drives. The wind wasn't blowing allowing the snow to stick to the branches making for a pretty picture. Below is looking towards Mark's pond.

We actually had 4 dogs on the walk today, Emma joined us a bit later, they had such fun playing. Diane's dog Ebby and mom's dog Heidi love picking on Karin's dog Studly.

After breakfast at our house the boys were let out to play in the snow. They had a ball running around. Below Evan is  rearing up behind Valiant while Studly tries to get in on the games.

Lily and her filly Rosalie were taken to the outdoor arena for a few shots of her playing .

She had a good time running around then ran under her mom's tail.
Below it looks like she is saying, "ugh mom, your tail stinks!"

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