Monday, July 30, 2012

Virus Attack

Ylse's vet appointment was at 1:00pm, Ylse was loaded into the front of the trailer while Braelyn's stroller was loaded into the back. Once we arrived help came out from the vet clinic office to bring Ylse into the stocks for the exam. She had delivered the placenta but the cause of the abortion was soon evident to Dr. Hoerr. Below he is up to his shoulders making sure the placenta is gone:
When he brought his hand back out, this is what the remaining fluid looked like:
Normal would be pink or red after delivery, this is riddled with obvious infection which is one of the main causes for late term abortions in mares. Braelyn is watching him trying to figure out exactly what he is doing:
She is probably going to be a vet when she grows up, she was fascinated by everything Dr. Hoerr did, we didn't hear a peep out of her the entire time. Dr. Hoerr's next step was to get the tools needed to clean out the uterus:
The metal tube is inserted all the way to the cervix, once in place the bucket of solution is poured into the funnel.
Once back there was a nice surprise waiting, Steven Marchal arrived home from his vacation at the beach in North Caroline with a box of salt water taffy hmmm. He was busy cleaning Jenis and Eliza's stall when we pulled up. Philip arrived to pick up Braelyn but we wouldn't let him leave until he checked out our computer. It would not work today. He found it infected with a nasty virus, so nasty he had to take it home to fix. Hope it will be healed tomorrow. Karin came over for dinner which was left over lasagna from yesterday. She had a vaulting practice tonight for the big show on Sunday. By the way that show will start at 6:00pm sharp here at the Horsemeister farm and anyone wanting to come is welcome. It's FREE! She was complaining about swimmer's ear, someone told her to try ear candles, below she is not burning the candle at both ends, nope she is trying to dry out her inner ear with the smoke the ear candle is puffing out the end.
Now that's just weird! The vaulting practice went very well. No pictures, that would spoil the surprise on Sunday!