Monday, July 2, 2012

No Puppies for Emma

The English Mastiff stud dog that was suppose to arrive today never made it, the owner emailed last night that she basically changed her mind and when I offered to go pick him up she said nope. We found a beautiful 260 pound registered English Mastiff stud dog named Tank in Tremont and that owner was receptive to us bringing Emma over. Rhoda and I arrived at Iron Horse Mastiffs at 6:30pm only to find Emma wanted nothing to do with Tracy's very impressive gorgeous stud dogs. Poor Emma was so traumatized by meeting Tank she panted all the way home. Tomorrow is just too busy to do anything but maybe by Wednesday things will work out. It was another scorcher today, even driving home at 8:00pm the car thermometer is reading 90 degrees. The man that bought Rachel's colt Onyx drove down from Chicago to visit him. He was very pleased with his purchase. That always makes us feel good.

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