Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clair's Heartbreak

It isn't just Clair that is grieving, we are too. Dr. Hoerr arrived after lunch and after checking the filly told us today is the day to give up and put the her down. She fought this infection for most of her short life, it is hard to believe an infection could kill but it did. This infection migrated from her umbilicus to her front elbow, then to a rear hock then joint to joint, nothing seemed to stop it. Today the filly could not get up to nurse. Along with the many flushing of the joints, and strong antibiotics we had been giving banamine for pain twice a day but this morning when I was able to get her standing she stood there and shivered with pain. She lived just 30 days and in that amount of time we spent close to $900.00 and hours of vet care trying our best to save her. Clair doesn't understand why we aren't bringing her baby back. She has been calling and calling. Mike is hauling her small body to Middle Grove for the burial.

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  1. I'm so sorry - how heartbreaking! Sending love and hugs for everyone.