Monday, July 16, 2012

Picking Up Helen

Rhoda was waiting at the apartment by the time the walk was done. Braelyn was fed and changed before heading out to Middle Grove to pick up Helen. That worked well she fell asleep in the car-seat and slept the entire trip out, loading the horses and the trip back. The horses were all waiting at the gate. When Rhoda haltered Lily she saw that Helen had had a run in with nasty thorns. Poor blind Helen! These were the thorns we were pulling out of her face and neck:
What was amazing was how still she stood for this process. She followed Lily into the trailer with just a little bit of assistance and traveled well going home. A halter was found for Helen, then they were unloaded and walked over to the cabin field. Sangria was so glad to see Lily, her very best friend!
The horses were drenched in fly spray before we headed back. Mytross was brought into the indoor arena and harnessed to see if she would be good with pulling a cart but she didn't want to stand well so the cart was never hooked up. We will focus on under saddle training with her, Karin would like to see if she would work for Rainbow Riders. We were so glad to get back into the air conditioning by the time the horses were put away. Braelyn was having fun playing with Emma.
She decided to climb on top of Emma, see below how Emma handled this:
She had Braelyn flipped off very quickly and then stayed belly up. Mike and Diane came over after dinner and were telling us about their weekend up at Lake Michigan with their entire family. At one point their 6 year old grandson Tate was riding in the truck with their grand daughter 6 year old Ella. Ella tells Tate, "This is what I do Tate if I'm going to get spanked by my dad, I ride my bike far away and hide. Tate answers, "Ah, don't you have anything better than that, I would be exhausted?" Ella comes back with, "well then you could just hide." Tate says, "but my dad is really good at hide-n-seek."

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