Saturday, July 21, 2012

Air Conditioning

After breakfast Mark and I headed to Pekin, IL to pick up the mower, stop at TSC and load 20 bags of bedding. We turned down Cameron Lane and had to wait for the St. Jude runners. While the truck was idling the air conditioning stopped working. The rest of the trip there and home was miserable. That's one thing that MUST be fixed and fixed soon! Next week we have 3 days predicted to be triple digits and the other 4 high 90s. On the way back to aggravate the situation we got stuck waiting for a very long very slow freight train hauling coal. It was going so slow the man in the semi next to us decides to wash his truck and was able to finish all the windows front, back, inside and outside before the tracks were clear.
Once home and the bedding unloaded Mark started on the weed whacking while I started on the mower and mowed until it ran out of gas. I was almost finished and as compulsive as I am the mower was left where it stopped and inside I went to cool down. Rhoda arrived and once we were cleaned up we headed to Bloomington, IL to see the grandchildren. Ben & Taunya were babysitting for Phil & Anna so all three were in one spot. We went to Famous Daves for dinner, dairy queen for dessert and the entertainment was back at Ben & Tauyna's where we watched the kids play on the tramp.
We arrived home around 9:20pm, Rhoda helped get the mares and foals out, the stalls cleaned and finally everything is done enough to head to bed.

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