Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sparkling Clean

Eliza and her filly were moved into the stall by 9:00am. When the vaulters arrived they had to open the door to see her nursing. What a pretty mare and an exquisite filly! Eliza had to show them how she can open the stall door if it is not latched.
Karin started helping right after the vaulting practice today emptying the living quarter trailer, scrubbing floors, cleaning drawers, vacuuming, and removing all the bedding for the washer. By the time the trailer was done it was sparkling clean. The vaulters are going to a competition Friday and will be camping. Once that was done we took a break and headed to Diane's pond to cool off, floating around a refreshing cool pond while laying on a gently rocking raft was enough to put us in a very relaxed state. These privileged ladies were Diane, Rachel, Ruth, Karin, Rhonda and I. We really didn't stay out that long, duty called. Karin and Rachel headed over to clean Joan's motor home while I headed home to change the laundry machines and organize all the stuff taken out of the trailer. The hay fields were raked and baled today.
We got 12 bales off of 17 acres for this second cutting. With the continued drought we are glad we got anything! Those 12 bales will be brought in tomorrow. They just finished the baling when it was time to leave for the evening. A white shirt and tie was packed in the car for Mark to change into before church. Rhoda had to work late today and had some free range chicken eggs for us to pick up at her office. We reached there by 6:00pm got the eggs, drove to HiVee for a quick salad bar dinner and headed to church arriving before the last song finished. After church Heidi and Ebby were waiting at the door when we arrived asking to come in but tonight they are both staying out no matter how much they beg. Eliza needed to be moved out, the stall cleaned and Jenis checked. She is not due until the 19th but that is only 8 days away and usually she goes 10 days early. She was the same as yesterday so left out.

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