Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Break in the Clouds

Today was Bible study day and Eva Jean and I thought we were going to get done early. There was a moderate amount of mail, more than 200 but less than 300 pieces. We were processing the last few when Uncle Ed and Aunt Bernie arrived at the warehouse with more mail, lots more mail! We went from being done early to a phone call from the guys wondering if we were coming, they were dying from hunger! Eva Jean threatened to order a huge steak by the time we were ready to leave. She works for food! The car thermometer was reading 100 degrees on the way back to the farm. It was more than hot, with our high humidity it was unbearable! While at work Karin called with a report on Lola and Mytross. They were taken on the death trails today with Bethany riding Lola, Karin riding Mytross and someone else on Ribbon. They reached the water and Ribbon refused to cross the creek. Mytross took the lead and didn't even hesitate plowing right through. We are thrilled with Karin's report on both mares, she even got a canter out of Mytross. She said Bethany loved Lola! Jenis is progressing, her colostrum was tested and the calcium level rising. It was reading between 150 and 175 today. When I went out to draw the colostrum the clouds were putting on a show. The camera had to be brought outside for a few shots. What is behind the clouds? A silver lining shining down our way!
We have weeds, but beautiful weeds, the queen ann lace right now is beautiful.

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