Friday, July 6, 2012

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

It is so hot that none of the dogs want to be out, not only do we have our 2 big dogs laying around this small apartment all day, Heidi has decided to move in now that mom abandoned her. Mom and the Reinhards headed south for cooler weather!
Rachel Sauder took Braelyn to her house straight after the walk which allowed me to get to the Peoria church in time to go through the visitation line for Wilma Hoerr's funeral. Once home, the golf cart was taken over to Rachel's to pick up Braelyn and her stroller. It was already over 100 degrees, even with the breeze kicked up by driving the golf cart as fast as possible we could hardly get inside quick enough. This is almost worst than mid winter, at least one can add layers of clothes when it is cold, in this heat we can't take much more off and still be decent.

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