Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Today is our great country's birthday! We drove to Elmwood, IL to celebrate this birthday party with friends and family (mostly all family). Dan and Susan got to the park first and picked out a great spot, right in front of the railroad tracks. When the kids heard the train whistle some of them probably not related at all and we have no idea of their names, placed a few coins on the tracks.
The train came flying by with it's many box cars, we had fun watching the tracks bend and sway under the tremendous weight. As soon as it passed, it was time to find the flattened coins.
The temperature was still well into the 90s, Dan brought out his sprayer filled with ice water to help keep the kids cool.
The mist coming out of the sprayer stuck to his hair turning him gray.
Darkness started to creep in and the moon started to rise as a big orange ball.
The fireworks started about 9:20pm and went on for over a half hour.
The camera was turned toward our group sitting back enjoying the show.
What a way to tell our wonderful free country the United States of America happy birthday!

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