Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zalena In

Raven was calling to the mares on Sunday afternoon, then on Monday he is standing at the gate looking longingly over at the mare pasture. This makes us believe that even though no mares are showing they are in, there must be one in and sure enough Steven brought Zalena over, yes she is in and covered. Zalena was going to be saved for Valiant but Raven got the job instead. His foals are proven, beautiful and have the best disposition where Valiant doesn't have any foals on the ground yet for us to judge. Steven will be here at 4:30pm to bring her up for another cover.
Zalena is a gorgeous Friesian mare, we will pray she settles this time even though this would put her due right after the IL Horse Fair next year.
When it rains it pours, today the truck was taken in to the repair shop. The brakes went out and even though it was just the hose blew it was the hose that went the entire length of the truck and cost $185.00 to fix.
We still haven't heard from the U of I ophthalmologist as far as when they can see Lily's filly. A call was put in again this morning to Hoerr Vet clinic asking for them to set up a consultation. Watching her running around the cabin field with Lily one would never know there was a problem.
Work today was light, probably because I haven't sent out Bibles or processed the hundreds of letters that have come in the last 3 weeks. Time will just have to be spent working on those, each week those letters stack up higher.
An interesting phone call came today, a man from Alberta Canada called wanting to buy a purebred Friesian mare in foal. When he was told we don't sell those, he spent the next 26 minutes trying to figure out why. Horsemeister was the 6th breeding farm he called and no one was willing to sell one. He told me he even talked to Iron Spring Farm about buying one. Now that makes us feel pretty special when he is lumping our small farm in with the big name farms.

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