Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Karin sent a message late yesterday about how awesome Jewel was for her at the new property. I really hesitated about sending her out to Middle Grove thinking all the work Emily did might disappear if no one would ride her out there. Karin reported riding the new land is like being in a completely different state, beautiful scenery, hills, woods, lakes, wide open areas to gallop and gorgeous views.
Below is a picture of Jewel last fall while she was still here.

Now something Karin said is amazing, Karin stated, "I hate to say it but Jewel has more talent than Grace did!" Grace, Jewel's mom was a big boned 16.1 hand TB mare first purchased for $25,000 and the first mare Karin ever showed in eventing. At one point as she was competing training level at a PonyClub show the 2 went flying by at a big gallop during the cross country phase in front of Cathie Trent the main PonyClub instructor. The first words out of Cathie's mouth was, "uh oh, Grace has lost her mind and so has Karin." They really hadn't, Cathie thought Karin had entered Novice level, in Training level during an eventing show the horse must push a bit to not have time faults. I'm pleased to remember in that show they came in with no time faults and got either a second or third place ribbon.
Jewel is in foal to Evan due September 18th, 2012 and of course the foal only will be for sale. Safe to say we've become attached to the inventory when it comes to Jewel.
I decided to try to walk again but this time when we reached the farm the golf cart was taken out and the rest of the walk was finished riding. Mike was over cleaning the small shelter out with the Kabota and the skid steer while we were walking. We will probably bring Paris and Ella over and put them there before the next rain to get them off the cabin field. It is so tempting to put horses on the pastures too soon. The weather has been beautiful and the pastures are coming up nice and green. Lily is the only horse I'm allowing in the pasture during the day because of her pending delivery. We don't want a foal born in the mud. I justify that by hoping one horse won't tear the field up.

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