Friday, March 23, 2012

Braelyn's Birthday Party

The entire Sceggel clan along with mom celebrated Braelyn's first birthday party. Phil and Anna provided the entire meal and it was delicious. They grilled the fixins for fajitas and Anna has a cheesy noodle casserole that is the best I've ever tasted.
This was Braelyn's first taste of cake and ice cream and that frozen treat didn't stay on her tray very long. By the time she was finished (at least her mom thought she was finished) she was more than ready for a bath.
The party was still going strong when Mark, mom and I had to leave. Mom needed to get home to pack, she, Spark & Rhonda left early this morning to head down to New Orleans to visit our cousin Renee then will be driving over to Gulf Shores.
Lily was put in a stall yesterday afternoon, the rain was pouring down and she is beginning to wax over. Steven felt her foaling was close enough that he spent the night in the stall area. I stayed in the office with the foaling monitor on the bed watching and listening to everything Lily did all night long and nope there is still no baby. Steven pulled out around 5:30am, he will be exhausted today. What a blessing that foaling monitor is, even over the pouring rain I could hear when she moved around. The night vision on it is amazing, we had one small lamp burning and I was able to see her every movement.
Today will be a resting day to prepare for tonight. The video camera is ready to go. Anyone that wants to join us for a birthing party is welcome. Diane's grand daughter Ella made sure to tell me that if I need her to pull she is more than willing to come and help. Except I'm not sure Ella likes touching wet slimy bloody things.

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