Friday, March 23, 2012

Lily has a Filly

On our walk this morning there were spiders webs all filled with dew. Rachel pointed them out, I took this picture but later she got out her macro lens and took beautiful close up pictures, they are on her blog if interested.

It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day but by 5:00pm the storm clouds started moving in.

Then it started hailing. I was glad Lily had been brought in earlier.

Tonight at 9:15pm Lily delivered a beautiful all black filly. By 10:00pm the filly had her first few sips right out of the container, she was able to latch on and nurse. Lily was anxious this evening, not eating her food and pacing in the stall so we knew she would deliver soon. Steven thought he would be here around 9:30 and Karin also said she would come except Lily went in to labor around 9:00pm. With my hip replacement only 17 days ago I'm still not allowed to bend much less pull when needed and by 9:10pm Lily was in trouble. There was only 1 foot showing and a nose. Mark was called and poor Mark, this goes way above his comfort level but he needed to find the other foot and bring it up. He did the job and once he got both feet up and out Lily was able to deliver her filly the rest of the way by herself. Mark got the sack off the filly's nose but she was choking, some amniotic fluid had gone into her lungs. He was told to quickly pick her up at her chest and let her head hang down to help get the fluid out. All of this only took 5 minutes but those minutes were tense. Once she was breathing well all three, Mark, Lily and filly rested. Steven arrived shortly after and took over all the hard work like tying up the placenta and moving the mess out of the stall. By 11:00pm the filly is standing on her own and moving straight to the milk bar. We are heading to bed YEAH!!! and early night.

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