Thursday, March 1, 2012

We're Here!

We pulled into the fairgrounds around 11:00am and finally made it to the hotel. The time between was spent decorating stalls and bathing horses. Rhoda and Steven had to carry the bulk of the work until Karin pulled in at 4:15pm. We were all thrilled to see another pair of hands and put her to work hanging curtains, we needed her height to reach the top of the stalls. By the time Amy arrived around 7:00pm things were looking good. Amy thinks she is going to have to wear sun glasses with all the glittery material. Monica arrived with Eliza and her Friesian filly Eisis. Karin, Amy and I left around 9:00pm to eat some dinner, while Rhoda and Monica stayed to bathe those 2. They almost beat us to the hotel, we stopped at Steak and Shake where there was terrible service but good food. Bed is really going to feel good tonight. Steven has offered to care for the horses in the morning thank goodness, we can sleep in for a bit. We are exhausted!

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