Friday, March 30, 2012

The New Land

Mark and I headed to Middle Grove right after work arriving at the cottage before 6:00pm. This is the creek that runs along the south side of the cottage. This creek stayed open all winter this year.

It usually won't freeze until the temperatures get and stay into the teens or lower. The next picture is of the North side of the cottage.

And the south side of the cottage. We love how many and big the windows are, the views are spectacular!

Inside is a bathroom with a small shower and a roomy living area with a fire place, television (that actually gets like 18 channels because of an antenna and solar panel) fridge and a propane stove top. All the amenities of home.

Mark snapped the picture below of the upstairs.

We loaded up into Mikes truck for a tour of the new 200 acres. The land is beautiful!

We finished the driving tour and headed down to the big lake. Mike took us on a his new pontoon boat for a lake tour.

The lake is peaceful and beautiful.
We saw a beaver lodge and the beaver's food supply.

The sun was setting by the time we were heading back.

As we were driving back through the Middle Grove farm the horses were all scattered on the hill side grazing. By this time it was too dark to take good pictures but what a pretty sight for us as we got ready to pull out for home.
Thanks Mike for the grand tour, the place is a horse paradise.

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