Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cottage Company

Diane and Mike were almost able to finish the cottage before the first group came. Phil, Anna and Braelyn brought 3 of their cousins from Minnesota for horse rides and to stay the night. Karin met them right after work for the guided horse tours, riding for hours. She used Mika, Bunni, Sally and Paris. She reported the horses didn't put a foot wrong with everyone having a great time.
Mike bought a pontoon boat this afternoon and hauled it out to Middle Grove and once they put the horses away he and Diane took them all out on the lake for some exploring. Dinner was cooked over a campfire. A storm moved in with rain and lots of lightning and thunder. Having the cottage with it's nice warm dry rooms instead of a camper or tent makes the Middle Grove farm a great place to stay.
Mark and I had choir practice tonight, we had a big group come, over 50 singers. The singing was so uplifting. Monica and Sandy served root beer floats for a special treat along with a huge bowl of puppy chow.

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