Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We ate on Barb and Dale Geyer tonight and there was a surprise in the sack when I went to heat it up. Hidden down in the sack was 2 slices of chocolate chip cheese cake for our dessert. Diane dropped off another wonderful salad last night of which was plenty left to add to our dinner tonight, full of strawberries, nuts, seeds, spinach and all kinds of good things I wouldn't have thought to place in a salad. My we are eating well.
Lily's udder has gone down a bit so she is spending the night out in the pasture tonight. I snapped these pictures tonight, she is so hugely wide she looks short in them but Lily is close to 17 hands.

She should have been groomed before taking these as she'd had a good roll during the day but I'm not yet ready to even get near a horse in case of getting bumped. It was pleasant sitting outside in this wonderfully warm weather watching the sun sinking quickly.

Rhoda came walking up from the big lake with both dogs sopping wet. They had a great time swimming. Now we have the pleasant aroma of wet dog hair perfuming the apartment.

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