Friday, July 22, 2011

UP then Down

Yesterday the filly seemed to be doing pretty well. She was urinating every time she was given IVs meaning not only is she getting fluids enough through the IV line, she is drinking well. Last night she was out grazing with her mom around 8:30pm as she was grazing, fluids were skipped and she was just given her meds. This morning she was laying down in the arena and Sanna is in the stall begging for the air conditioning to be turned back on. It is a worry that they were separated and another worry that when the filly was asked to get up she was pretty lethargic. Once in the stall, she got a big drink of water and went over to share Sanna's grain before hooking her up to an IV line and putting her grain in front of her. She is eating well, much better than a couple of days ago and her weight looks much better making me think she really is on the mend and maybe this morning is a fluke.
Yesterday bills needed to be paid at the shop and a few hours were spent at Meister's juggling money around. The Bridlewood roof is now finished and paid for. Mark is financing it. This will only take me 2 years to pay off unless Sangria's filly sells. Bridlewood was built in 1978 and this is the second time to paint and repair the roof. We have not yet paid for the mowing, raking and baling of our first cutting hay, Chuck will need to be called for that figure and we still owe the vet for Sanna's filly plus 2 ultrasounds. Each time I call for that bill it is not yet figured up but Chris, the guy that works on the books, thinks it will be more than $2000.00 but less than $3000.00.
The heat was again oppressive, reaching 99 with high humidity. When Mike came over to move in a round bale for the middle paddock we see a huge puddle by the automatic waterer. It is not leaking, Ribbon was continually putting her face in and splashing water out. The horses are getting hosed off but in Ribbon's opinion not enough.
French Fry needs to be checked today and covered if still in, Ylse should be coming in and Eliza is suppose to be covered today. We do not want to ask Raven to work in the heat meaning only one will be done. Hopefully French Fry is out.

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