Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hazel's Fish vs Mom's Fish

Above is Hazel Geyer catching fish at Norris last Tuesday. As mom didn't get any pictures of the ladies fishing, Barb emailed this one last week but with our slow internet it couldn't be downloaded until today at the shop.
So we showed the picture to mom, she drives out to Norris, jumps in the lake and pulls out a HUGE channel cat with her BARE HANDS! Now mom is not at all competitive, no, no she only did this to show Hazel there are bigger fish in that lake then the little bluegill Hazel caught.

disclaimer (mom really used a pole)
The picture below is the mare we are shipping semen to. She is a nice BIG girl and will make a wonderful cross with Raven.

Thanks Kres for the picture.
Eliza did not get covered this morning, DaMita did. We will need to try Eliza tonight. Ylse was started on her Panacur power pack. She is not pregnant or nursing and we want to get her in good shape before breeding her back to Raven.

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