Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Scorcher

After the walk the library was first on the long list. There were 8 books to return and today only 4 checked out. There was a new Dick Francis book out along with 2 new Mary Higgins Clark books that were sitting there calling my name. At TSC 10 bags of Equine Fresh and 4 bags of feed was stuffed into the car barly leaving room for groceries. SAMs was the next stop fitting into the car $88.00 of food for the weekend camping trip. Once every thing was finally unloaded I NEEDED water, lots of cool refreshing water, the heat is oppressive. Jenis hates to be stalled but we just can't take a chance on letting her out as long as this extreme heat lasts.
We had salad for dinner,sure don't want to COOK anything. We were the first to meet at the playground for the ride to church. Joan's van took a group and we took the rest. Ken Hoerr had the last of 3 on Revelations and the end times then Joan's van was given to the teenagers while the old folks drove home. Two deer jumped in front of the car, one was hit, rolled,then jumped up and took off running. Mark thinks there is not much damage done to the car, if anying we can just get a few more zip ties to hold anything broken back in place.
As soon as we got to the farm the puppies were fed, they were sure we were starving them making them wait until after 9:00pm for dinner. The 2 stalls were cleaned jenis fed and watered and now we can crash!

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