Monday, July 11, 2011

Huge Storm

Here in MI a tremendous storm came roaring off Lake Michigan. The wind was blowing so hard trees were falling all over town. The booming of the thunder shook this house. Once it blew through, the rest of the day was sunny and warm. A long walk on the beach was in order, then off to town to meet the girls who had gone shopping. We had a nice meal, then drove to a batting cage and took turns hitting the balls. After working up an appetite at baseball we drove to an ice-cream shop for some delicious soft serve ice-cream. Walmart was next on the list, we were out of eggs for breakfast. Driving into town there were many huge trees uprooted, down and blocking roads. The fence along our path up to the house also blew over. We meant to get pictures but each time into town forgot to take the camera.
it was a long day with a very colorful sunset over the lake.

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  1. if this storm was an early morning storm, we rode it out in a camper and tents :) we were at Mienert county campground by whitehall on Monday morning and it woke us up with a shock "Quick get the awning fastened down!!" fasten the Rain tarp on the tent it looks like a kite!! :) quick wet work brought the tenters into the trailer for a full house in here :) Glad you are enjoying the Michigan summer weather... now you know why we love it:) we are at Mears now, enjoying the dunes and beautiful lake michigan.