Friday, July 1, 2011

Faith and the Puppies

Braelyn fell asleep around 9:00am and slept soundly even with all the vaulters coming in to play with the puppies. She stayed asleep until 12:30pm and woke up happy, she is such a beautiful baby girl and an easy baby to watch and I'm not at all prejudiced. Rhoda showed up to help replace the bedding in the whelping box but she couldn't stay too long she was picking up David and Stephanie from their month long visit to Mexico. We won't see them for a bit though, they are leaving for a short vacation with the Kiesers. Faith Reinhard came in while her sisters were practicing with the team and played with the puppies. We were able to snap a few pictures of her with them. I think they are all adorable. It is hard to pick which picture should be posted.

Phil showed up to pick up Braelyn and gave me a ride to the shop. The Horsemeister truck needed to be picked up along with the cotton candy machine and snow cone machine plus all the supplies for both. We are heading out with 7 horses to Cuba, IL for one of Nate Herman's customers. Karin and Mike will give guided trail rides on the private property while Anni and I help match the riders with the horses and mount them up. Once we leave from there we will head to Norris, IL where the family is camping at the Herman lake.
Mark and I need to pick up the croissants along with the strawberries, lettuce, and brownies from Sam's Club at 3:00pm on Saturday and take it all to the church. We plan on staying there and cutting up and arranging the fruit. The church has lots of refrigerator space so it won't hurt to do this job one day early.
Three more loads of round bales were dropped off, that is now 42 of the 175 ordered for the winter. We need 50 alfalfa and 125 grass to get us through the year. Sure hope we sell another horse! Mark stacked them in the arena tonight while I drove over to Ruth's to pick up Larry for the trail rides tomorrow. Steve their pet deer was tangled up and couldn't reach the water tank. So thankful I arrived when I did, he was thirsty and the Davidovics are all gone for the weekend. It is almost unbearably hot and humid.

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