Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back on IVs

Yesterday Sanna's filly was again in distress, Dr. Hoerr had to come out after work to insert an IV catheter and he gave her 2500 ml of lactate ringers then left us with 11 more bags. Each bag holds 5000 ml and she was to have 2500 every 2 hours until midnight. That was on top of the rest of the days work.
Eva Jean is holding the box of processed Bible studies, 2 weeks worth filled the mailbox to overflowing and we had to work overtime.

The day is just starting to lighten enough to go out looking for Sanna and her filly as this morning they were not in the stall. They were found over by Raven and both standing but the filly is very lethargic, at least she is up. Instead of putting her back in and starting the IV's I'll let them stay out a bit, it is the cool 80 degrees right now instead of the 97 yesterday.
The camera was finally downloaded. The picture below was taken during Monday's walk with Rachel carrying Braelyn for weight training.

Someone donated this Jeep for Tim to take back to Haiti. This was MADE for Haiti, notice the periscope, much needed as they drive through the river beds. What a wonderful donation, a BIG THANK YOU to whoever did THIS.

Mike got the IH tractor working and brought it over to teach Mark how to drive it so we can get the pastures mowed now that the John Deere is not working. We are not used to driving such huge tractors.

Even before Dr. Hoerr left, Lisa Waibel brought her children out to see the puppies and ride Cindy. They want to free lease Cindy for a bit to see if they really do want a horse long term. Mike and Diane drove up on the 4 wheeler as the Waibel's were getting ready to leave and Diane gave the younger ones a ride on it while Mike mowed the back pasture. French Fry was checked, she is still in but we did not cover her, we will try this morning while it is still a bit cooler. We are expecting another VERY hot day with heat indexes at 115 degrees, actual temperature 98.
French Fry was still in and covered, Raven was hosed down and will need it again later. These black horses really suffer in this heat. If the stall area had the airconditioning installed he would be one given preferential treatment.

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