Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nice Email

Hi Judy. I thought I would update you on Sarah's progress. You knew her a "Amber", Compassionate Gal's filly. I absolutely love her. I know I have found a horse of a lifetime! She is wonderful. We are progressing well in dressage. She is sweet, kind and and patient.... even though she is learning, generally our dressage mistakes are as much if not more, mine. I took her two weeks ago on her first trip off the property to have her fitted for a dressage saddle custom made just for her and me, if that doesn't show you how happy I am with her! She was a champ, never squirrely or unmanageable. I will attach a picture to this for you to pin up on you online wall of pics.
Also, do you have any colts for sale? My daughter is looking for a dressage prospect. She loves my mare, and that saying a lot coming from a girl who is on the university dressage team who is surrounded by dutch, Hanoverians, and westphalians all year. She is really struck by the pleasant working nature of the Friesians. She would be interested in a good Friesian sport horse or a purebred. She is looking for a young horse, weanling to 2yo. She wants to spend the next couple of years at school without her own horse there so she can have the opportunity to ride the school's grand prix level schoolmasters (when you take your own horse, they make you ride your own horse) She says, "when will I even have such a valuable experience available to me like that again?" Anyways, she wants to find a young horse and let him just grow up here on our farm for a couple of years or so, then start to train him later. Well, let me know what you have, or if you have any advice.

We love hearing that people LOVE Raven's sons or daughters, her mare, Sarah, is Jewell's full sister. Over and over we hear how wonderful Raven's offspring are.
My day didn't go as well. After work it was run to TSC for the grain and four 50 pound salt blocks, then to the shop to pay bills, then to the bank to put the checks in to cover the bills, then to the farm to check on Sanna's filly just to find her worse. The rest of the biosponge was given to her plus 1cc of banimine squirted in her mouth. As the grain was being unloaded Sarah called and asked to be picked up. She is feeling terribly sick with a bad head ache and muscle aches. Once she was settled in the apartment I took off for Hoerr Vet Clinic in Morton, IL to pick up 2 more tubes of biosponge. Back to Hanna City and realize the filly still hasn't nursed so milk Sanna and start the slow process of squirting it in her mouth. Mark arrived home for dinner as I was getting the first bottle in her.
We are busy making vacation plans, this year instead of Gulf Shores we are leaving Saturday morning for Holland Michigan. The filly better be better before we leave.

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