Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Easier Way

Sorry people, this morning is preaching time, my heart is heavy and burdened. The last hour was spent in prayer and reading, first in Jeremiah and then in the book of Daniel.
Everybody wants an easier way. An easier way to make money, or an easier way to work, of course an easier way to live, easier transportation and even an easier way to do cooking or laundry. In America this has been taken to the extreme and now we rich lazy Americans want an easier way of salvation. There are many false teachers telling anyone with itching ears that God LOVES us so much HE would NEVER send anyone to hell. Wake up people the Bible is FULL of warnings about hell. It is a horrible place and we wouldn't want our worst enemy to go there. The Bible is also filled with warnings TO THE BELIEVERS. Is it easy to believe a lie? It sure is when it has some truth mixed in. Wouldn't anyone want to believe once they are saved they can never lose their salvation? I will not answer that, if one wishes to learn the answer to that question go to the Bible, read the entire Bible, not just some random feel good verses taken out of context. Study the Word for YOURSELF, it is a living Word, so ask God to make it alive for YOU. We are living in the end times, perhaps just a few short days, months or years which fly by. Jesus is the ONLY way, read His teachings, read His Word. If you need a Bible, email me I will be glad to get one to you.
Sanna's filly nursed during the night, Sanna's udder is not hard and full, but there is fresh diarrhea on her tail. She was given another dose of biosponge. She was laying down when checked on but once made to get up, trotted a bit to keep up with Sanna as she was going for her grain, then took a few bites of grain, perhaps she is on the mend.
Today TSC must be visited directly after work, Sanna was given the last of the grain, Raven didn't get any this morning, he will have to wait until this afternoon.
The trailer was brought back yesterday, I made the mistake of opening the living quarter door and the smell was bad enough to knock a person out. It was filled with 7 sweaty wet saddle blankets and saddles from Saturday that should have been laid out to dry instead of baking in a hot trailer over the weekend. The vaulters are taking the trailer to Iowa for a competition while we are on vacation, they will have their work cut out to get it ready for sleeping.

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