Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Flu

What a miserable night, fever, chills, couldn't breath, kept waking up shaking, and just aching all over. The flu has struck. Probably because I was a little run down over the weekend, then I greeted hundreds of people. I'm on aspirin and have on hand lots of orange juice. Finally felt like I could get to Sears to buy a swimming suit, they are on sale big time, already reduced twice and another 40% off lowest price. I tried on 6, bought 2 for $17.99 each, these were $96.00 suits originally, but by the time I checked out I was feeling so weak I could hardly get in the car. My mom said that I can't go down to Gulf Shores with her the end of this month without a new suit so it just had to be done today.
On a very disappointing note, the lady that needed groceries called back not even 24 hours later and wanted rent money. Berean must be an easy mark. Just for the record, we don't give out money, just food and when they call back so quickly we feel we have been scammed. Oh well, it is God's money anyway and perhaps there truly was a need.
The lady with her 4 month old baby that needed emergency housing and was staying with mom has moved in with her friend for 10 days. By that time the 10 days are up she should be able to get into Esther house. It must be so hard to be kicked out of your home period, much more so when there is a baby involved.
Uncle Ed called, the Bibles came in but only a skid and a half, he wants me to order more right away. They are so expensive and the Bible fund is the only World Relief fund that is running a deficit. I'll do my best to make them stretch. If anyone out there wants to pray that we can find a large print Bible for $3.00 we would appreciate it. We found them once and bought 25,000 of them at one time. Those are all gone and now I'm on the $10.00 Bibles.

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