Friday, November 15, 2019

Soul's Colt Back For Sale

The lady that was suppose to pick up Soul's colt on Sunday let me know this afternoon that she was not going to be able to buy him so he is back on the market.  I  had Kensley here and she is a good helper with the foals so we took him out for some pictures.

 Unfortunately the lady named him Knight King and that is the name on his registration papers, coggins and health papers.  This colt has very nice movement.
 He has the mega hair with a double sided mane and long thick tail. This colt WILL GRAY! Can you imagine a beautiful dapple gray Warlander Stallion with that gorgeous black double sided mane and thick long tail!  A complete package for only $5000.00.
He was given a leading lesson and did very well. We took him all over the big field with no other  foals out. He called a couple times but followed the golf cart well.  Anna picked Kensley up shortly after we finished working with him.
Tonight Mark, mom and I went to Morton to pick up Nancy then headed over to Grace church for the Fernando Ortega concert. Nancy walked in the door and there was Dan taking tickets.  She ran right over to give him a hug. Nancy loves her brothers.
The concert was well attended and such a blessing. This was my first time to see Fernando in person but Mark has been to a couple of his concerts. We really enjoyed the evening.
This morning I was watching something Karin had shared on Facebook but got interrupted and when I came back to the computer the video below was playing.  The video is a true story and well worth watching. Have you ever wondered about your future? Listen and watch this, you will be laughing at the end.

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