Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Pugs are HERE

Yesterday while visiting with Rachel I just couldn't take my eyes off poor Lily. She was showing signs of going into labor with her very first litter of Pug puppies.
 When looking at her the song just kept going through my head was Ursula from the Disney movie Little Mermaid singing Poor Unfortunate Souls.
 Well early this morning Lilypug gave birth to 6 adorable purebred Pug puppies. 4 female and 2 male pups.
Congratulations  LILYPUG on your beautiful family. In about 6-8 weeks she is going to be sick of these puppies crawling all over trying to nurse but right now Lily is so in love with her puppies she is being a great mom. I believe Rachel may be posting them for sale in a few weeks so IF you have always wanted a Pug you may want to contact her soon, afterall there are ONLY 6 of them.

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