Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Ayanna's Colt On the Way to Utah

The first of the foals left tonight. The transport company had a big rig, 10 horse trailer with a dressing room and a big truck. When they told me how big it was I made the decision to take the colt down to the water tower and meet them there. I couldn't imagine trying to make the turn into our driveway with such a big rig.  He walked right up the ramp and into his stall on the trailer but was not happy being away from his companions and not allowed to be with the other horses on the trailer.  Hopefully he will settle down soon but the driver told me they were only going 4 more hours tonight. It was so terribly hot again today that none of the horses got worked. Tatiana was covered early this morning then turned out into the pond pasture where it is a little cooler. Karin came after work and even then the thermometer was reading 92 degrees. She only got the volley ball net hung up then came over to help practice loading with Ayanna's colt. He was taken in and out of the small side door of the trailer and each time no hesitating at all. I thought of pulling the Exiss trailer out and practicing on the ramp but it was just too hot and tonight I found out it wasn't needed. The colt just marched right up that ramp. We are expecting strong storms during the night but I don't think they are expected to hit until 2:00 or 3:00 am. 

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