Tuesday, August 21, 2018


No walk again today but that gave me time to flush the colt's IV. He is still having diarrhea but was nursing well this morning so I felt comfortable leaving him.  I kept an eye on him with the monitor while at the Berean office today.  He still isn't normal, spending much too much time laying down instead of galloping around the stall like a normal 4 day old foal.  I didn't get home until after 2:00 pm today, we had some problems at the Berean office. If you would like to read about our day there click HERE
As soon as I got home I ran up to the barn and flushed the IV out again. The colt did not fight me at all which isn't a good sign. Joan was sent a text to see if she would come help give the fluids.  She arrived with plenty of help, bringing Rebecca, Hannah, Faith and Berlica.  Joan held the colt while I got the IV fluids started. We gave him a little more than 500 ccs then quit. He went right over and nursed and then as I was cleaning the stall, did a few bucks and tried to run in the stall. Amazing how well the fluids work.  When the stall was cleaned a chair was pulled into it and I just sat and watched for a bit to see if his intestines are starting to work correctly but was disappointed to see him shoot watery diarrhea into the wall.  Good news is he is strong and not losing it as he is laying down, the bad news is he was going to need more fluids before we head to bed tonight.  After supper Mark got on the big Kubota and mowed the pasture and a trail around the big fields while I used the riding mower to mow our yards. Spark came over for a power drill and wood and was able to hook up Joan's solar system.  At 7:45 pm Mark helped hold the colt for another go with the IV fluids. Tonight I put 1000 cc's in. He didn't start to fight until toward the end. He is feeling better and hopefully tomorrow we can pull the IV.  I was dreading treating another foal for diarrhea until I realized, I'm getting so good at this that it really isn't a terrible job. There are blessing in everything, just have to look hard sometimes.

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