Wednesday, August 1, 2018

New Chairs

Right after the walk this morning I headed to Sam's club to buy all the meat for our family vacation and was able to get ribeye steaks on sale along with hamburger, lots of chicken breasts and various lunch meats. From there I went to Aldi and picked up 12 dozen eggs for 99 cents a dozen. I still need a few more dozen but Aldi has a limit of just 6 dozen. I was able to buy the extra 6 dozen by using two different debit cards.  Karin and Faith were here vaulting with Oksana when I arrived home. Karin had been busy this morning taking Jaclyn riding. Jaclyn rode Sangria on the death trails and survived. The trails were muddy and slick and at one point Sangria slipped but was able to catch herself and make it up the steep hills. No pictures though as I hadn't made it home yet from grocery shopping.  All the food purchased for vacation was taken to the apartment. The meats were double wrapped and placed in the freezer and the rest of the food was put in the apartment fridge. I still need to buy the breads, fruits and vegetables but don't want to do that until Friday.
I have been looking for a set of chairs for the apartment and saw the set of 6 below a couple weeks ago for $150.00 on Facebook market place.
I felt like that was just too expensive so decided to keep looking then today they dropped the price to $100.00. The owner was sent a message and within minutes I was back on the road driving to Edwards, IL to pick them up.  They are sturdy, well made and best of all match my other chairs. 
This evening Joan drove all of us to church filling her van with mom, Diane, Faith, Mackenson, Mark and me. Mike Rieker had the message opening up and reading first Judges 13 and then Acts 12.  In both of those chapters an angel visited and did amazing things.  

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